How To Raise A Sprinkler Valve Box 2024-2025?

Agh! It is really tough to raise a sprinkler valve box! You do think that, too, right? And if they are located under the ground level, the whole thing gets more traumatizing.

We are not exaggerating, friends. Many of you have emailed us sharing your problems when the box is not resurfaced. And we do really think this problem should be solved.

So, the question is how to raise a sprinkler valve box?

First of all, you have to choose a sprinkler valve box suitable for the size of the old one. Then, digging down the old box, take off the box’s lid. After doing this, you need to set the new valve over the old one. And yes, it’s all. Now you can fill the rest of the space if you want.

how to raise a sprinkler valve box

Sounds fun! Of course, it is fun, but to master these steps, we need to zoom in on the detailed overview of the entire process. Thus, pack your tools and get ready for a short tour of this segment.


How To Raise a Sprinkler Valve Box? Step BY Step Guides!

Now, the work begins. Raising a sprinkler valve box can be a lengthy and time-consuming job if you aren’t a pro. So, our goal is present this whole thing in concise steps so that you can succeed it in the first turn.

So, let’s start with this one.

Step 1- Match The Size:

We need to determine how much the new sprinkler valve box is compatible with the old ones in size. If your ones are of the same size, it is a jackpot. But friend, if not, which very commonly happens, you have to push the new one on the top of the old one until it fits.

So, it’s not always just choosing a box; you have to also pay heed to these minute details for your accessibility. Before arriving at any conclusion, measure how much height and depth you wanna go for. This is another good practice for choosing the right valve box.

Step 2- Dig Down The Old Box:

For creating the place for the new box, you must dig around the old box. Watch out carefully for the perimeter and dig that part safely and cautiously.

Always try to dig as much as possible, always dig way more than needed. This helps you do the work properly. However, digging wider than 2 inches would not be a good idea. We don’t want to make the work troublesome, right?

Step 3- Take Off The Lid:

You may not prefer to take off the lid of your old valve box. We understand that. But fitting a new one is somewhat different. We need to access the interior part of the box to use the valves properly.

Apart from that, the lid has to fit on the new valve. So, that’s not even an option. It is a priority now. Also, make sure that it fits perfectly with the case.

Step 4- Set The New One On The Top:

Well, now it’s your turn to set the new valve box over the old one. But here you have to consider one thing about the new boxes – their flanges. They need to be supportive enough while setting above the old one. But what if they are not?

Then you have to insert some filler material beneath the flanges. This will provide support on their behalf and thus reduce the pressure on the surface, keeping it aligned. For filler, you can use bricks, stones, or pieces of concrete to do the work.

Step 5- Fill The Rest Of The Space:

If you have done all the steps mentioned above precisely, you might see your new sprinkler valve box sitting over the old one perfectly without any problem of lid raising.

After that, fill the remaining space, especially around the edges, with the soil. If you used excess soil, don’t worry, a wheelbarrow will come in handy.

 And see, it’s done. So easy-peasy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a valve box riser?

The valve box riser helps to work with the underground valves. They can also be used for inspection and cleaning out of the underground.

Should a sprinkler valve box be full of water?

No, never. If you find a sprinkler valve box full of water, there is most likely a leakage in your valves. But hey, this is not always the case. Sometimes it can be mere rain!

How do you level a valve box?

To level a valve box is relatively easy. Just trim off the grounds surrounding it with any tools. And here it is, good to go.

How do you move a sprinkler valve box?

You don’t need expert-level plumbing, wiring, and extra tools to move a sprinkler valve box. You can simply accomplish the work by digging the ground, removing it from one, and then fitting the valve box.

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Wrapping Up

So, buddy, this is a bite-sized chunk of the DIY idea for today. We believe you have a got 360-degree insight into how to raise a sprinkler valve box. Now, you can help your friends too with these simple and concise steps.

And don’t forget to comment and share your experience with us. If you face any problem, we are one send button away. Let us know, and we will bring you a whole article regarding that.

Till then, stay happy. Best of luck with your projects! Goodbye.