How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater 2024-2025?

Piles and piles of leaves in your backyard, and guess what? Your weedeater primer bulb is broken! Holy Shit! Why does this have to happen so often? You feel us right? It’s so frustrating and disappointing. A weedeater is utterly useless without a primer bulb. So, now the only option is to bypass the primer bulb.

But the biggest question is – how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater?

For bypassing effectively, your first duty should be to remove all the screws from the sides of the metal plate. Then detach and dust off the air bulbs. After that, push the polybag and attach it with the screws. Now, press the polythene ball to get the best results.

how to bypass primer bulb on weedeater

However, this is just an overview of the whole process. So, to know more about bypassing follow us, dear, to the entire guide.


How To Bypass Primer Bulb On Weedeater? Step BY Step Guides!

As you already see, it is not any tough job. Just we need to lose some calories to read this step-by-step procedure. Once you have done this, bypassing would be no more rocket science to you.

So, come along and read all you need to know.

Step 1- Take Off All The Screws:

If you look closely at the primer bulbs, you’ll find that there are two screws on each side of the bulb. And here comes the most important work, to unfasten them. The work is very simple – use a screwdriver to remove them from the metal plate.

And there is another thing that you should pay heed. The type of screw. They may have Philips head or flat-head according to your product. So, choose wisely the screwdrivers.

Hey, don’t forget to keep all the screws in one handy place. We don’t want to lose them right?

Step 2- Detach The Air Bulb:

Now, you have to detach the metal plate and air bulb. Pulling does help a lot in this case.

As you have done that, then move towards the air bulb. We have pulled this out too. Don’t worry if anything is stuck. Wait, another beginner-friendly tip would be to use needle nose pliers. This will help you pull out efficiently.

Step 3- Dust Off The Air Bulb:

Cleaning is mandatory if you want to keep your weedeater last long. And for this, this one step is worth mentioning here.

As you will pull out the air bulb, it is most likely you will find dirt and dust clinging to the corner of the bulb. You can simply use a brush to brush off all the dust. Honey, however, the task seems easy, repetitive, and boring but it has a huge significance in the whole journey.

Step 4- Place The Polybag In The Perfect Position:

This may seem weird for some of us, but this is the real thing that experts talk about. The work is very straightforward. You have to only place the polythene bag under the primer bulb.

And from here the game of pushing begins.  From the hole, now push outwards with your fingers. This results in a polythene ball and works similar to the primer bulb.

Step 5- Screw Them Back:

Here is another most important job without which everything becomes useless. Yes, it’s the screwing time. Carefully and cautiously attach all the screws on the metal plate tightening it with the two screws.

The work seems simple and it really is. But you have to keep a cool head and a clear eye to do this perfectly. Remember no outside air should be passed through it otherwise it would lose its strong grip.

Step 6- Push The Polythene Ball:

All tricky steps (to be honest not so tricky!)  are done. Here, you have only left one step – pressing and pushing the polythene ball against the carburetor line. If you see bubbles rising, you are doing it right buddy.

And voila! Your weedeater is now ready to eat it all. Try to give some effort at first few times, and it will work more ingeniously than you imagine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Primer Bulb Do?

The main purpose of the primer bulb is to fill the carburetor  with the correct proportion of fuel when it is running cold. It is present in the fuel line and through this line, the primer bulb pulls fuel.

Why is your primer bulb not working?

As primer bulbs are made of plastic and rubber, they mash, crack and damage easily with time. If you see your primer bulb not working this may be due to a problem with the bulb, the fuel lines, or with both of them.

Should the primer bulb have a hole in it?

Having holes in the primer bulb is quite normal. Though holes might affect the rate of the gas flow or air intake in a negative manner. But the primer bulbs that have a hole from before are absolutely normal.

Can a primer bulb be repaired?

Of, course, you can repair your primer bulb. But this is really time-consuming work. Therefore, we suggest you maintain and clean it daily instead of going to such a fussy way.. Even if it faces difficulties while functioning, replacing it is better than repairing it here.

Wrapping Up

So, that is all we have for you today. We will be really glad if this segment helped you to know how to bypass primer bulbs on weedeater.

We believe if you follow these steps, no power is there to stop you from successfully bypassing your primer bulbs. If you still have questions, you are always welcome.

So, see you next time with new insights. Till then rock with your DIY projects. And stay blessed!