How to Move Dirt Without a Wheelbarrow 2024-2025?

Hey Gardeners! Are you too tired of using wheelbarrows? We agree they can be very tiring sometimes. Plus, they also have a load limit that is not enough to remove all the dirt. And again, for many of us, it can cost an arm and a leg.

So, what is the solution? How to move dirt without a wheelbarrow?

One of the most painless methods is to use a pair of pails and a strap to carry the dirt. Use large pails or buckets and a strong strap that won’t hurt you. Apart from these, there is a handful of methods to move dirt without a wheelbarrow.

how to move dirt without a wheelbarrow

Here, including this, we have presented 4 effective methods to help you in this dilemma. Interesting! Let’s find out more.


How To Move Dirt Without a Wheelbarrow? Four Incredible Methods!

As mentioned before, there are multiple methods that you can use in practical life to remove dirt without a wheelbarrow. But it widely depends on which is good for you. So, rather than getting confused, here are some simple yet efficient methods.

So, follow us to know more about this.

Method 1: A Pair of Pail and Strap:

If you are looking for the cheapest method to complete this lengthy task, this method is for you, dear. This is the cheapest and easiest method to carry a huge amount of load in a single turn.

It won’t be a biggie if you have strong arms and shoulders. This method is mainly suitable for healthy, fit, and young people.

And the type of bucket should also be a huge “Burden’s basket” to make this work a lot more flexible for you. However, use small pots rather than buckets for a small load mass.

You should also choose your strap or yoke very carefully. Before carrying it, make sure its notches are deep enough to prevent sudden slipping. And be cautious, don’t use stout ones. It can be too dangerous sometimes.

One protip- don’t lift all the weight at once. Try to carry pails little by little. This simple practice can help to prevent accidents.

Method 2: Extensive Sleds:

Yeh, looks silly. But it really is more helpful than at least wheelbarrows. Rather than just a kid’s ride, it can be great for carrying dirt around.

There are literally innumerable types and sizes of sleds available at the most reasonable prices. They can be either circles or rectangles in shapes. You may choose whatever suits you.

Nonetheless, we recommend you use sleds 20-30 inches greater in diameter. This will surely make your work easier and faster. Also, try to find sleds with high sidewalls.

Unfortunately, there is one major turn-off for this –  while pulling the rope, there is a high chance of the dirt spreading out. Wait, don’t worry. We can stop this.

Using sleds with high sidewalls can be a great addition. But if this feels not enough. You should probably tie the dirt in a plastic bag before keeping it on the sled. That way, it would be more feasible.

Method 3: Slide-through Technique of Smooth Surface:

This method is a bit old school, but don’t we know old is gold. By using some tarp or even a rectangular piece of cloth, you can get this done. But the catch is you have to slide it through a smooth, rockless surface. If you think you can do this, then sure, mate, go for it.

You can do this in two just simple ways. Let us elaborate on them for you.

If you have no helping hand, the work might seem tough. Despite that, we have some proven tactics to accomplish this work.

You have to put the dirt in the middle and pull the four corners. Tie the opposite corners together. And then it’s done. Now, just carry, carry and carry on.

On the other hand, what if you got lucky and had a friend to help you? That would be really great. And guess what, we also have another method to use a tarp with the assistance of your buddy.

It is very easy and doable. Put all the dirt on the tarp. One will be in front, pulling the tarp, and the other friend will walk behind, holding the tarp from the back. In this way, tarps won’t slide frequently, and your work will be super fast.

Method 4: Hand Trolley and Bins:

Don’t be confused! Here, by trolleys, we meant any hand trucks, especially two-wheelers. It may seem somewhat hectic, but it is as easy as winking.

It is also a two-wheeler, so why its better than wheelbarrows? The main plus point that outweighs all is its ability to carry massive dirt masses. And again, they are easy to move due to their wheels.

First of all, choose the wheelers wisely. You can either choose horizontal or vertical ones. However, you should note that horizontal ones have four wheels and are unsuitable for gardening. Keeping this in mind, choose the best one for yourself.

After that, it is also necessary to choose the bins. Estimating the right amount of cargo, find a suitable container that would hold up to 20 gallons. All other bins should also be of the same capacity, or you’ll face trouble in the next step.

Now, it’s your turn to arrange the bins. Any containers would do the work for you. Once you have filled them with dirt, put them on top of each other. You can also tie them up for your comfort.

Hallelujah, and it’s done!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to move dirt?

There may be several ways, but the best one will totally depend on your demand. If you are trying to do small projects, telehandlers would be the best way. On the other hand, front loaders are your call for the large dirt.

Will a wheelbarrow fit in a car?

Though it entirely varies from one to another, it typically fits in a car. If your wheelbarrow measures three cubic feet, you can be sure it will definitely fit into an SUV.

What tool do you use to turn soil?

There are a plethora of tools, but we highly recommend you to use garden hoes. They are fantastic machinery to turn and loosen your soil from unwanted weeds. You can also use cultivating fork. They are also another good alternative.

How do you store large amounts of dirt?

You can simply use plastic containers to store a large amount of dirt. Garden sheds and large dark places are also great options for many. It’s nothing much of a trouble.

Wrapping Up

And these are all the methods that you need to know for today. A great chunk of knowledge, huh? Surely, you will never stumble over how to move dirt without a wheelbarrow.

So, choose one of the methods that you find helpful for your personal projects. And, remember, we love reading your emails and comments describing your experiences. Please don’t stop with that. Let us know how it went.

And, ace your DIYs! Until next time, have a blast. See you, friend, with another shot of how-tos. Bye Bye!