Best Epoxy Grout 2024-2025 – How Does it Works?

Are you too planning to grout your tiles this season? It seems a perfect idea until the grout ruins your day. And if you are a late-runner, then honey, you are doomed.

But, to be honest, you aren’t. Sigh! As the grouting industry has expanded in recent years, they came up with the perfect solution – epoxy grout. They have the heavenly power to solve all your tiling problems. Not gonna lie.

Still, not all epoxy grouts are equal; thus, you need to have a sharp eye on the market and specific company. And, yet, often, we are mistaken. So, what’s the golden rule to knowing the best epoxy grout from masses of brands?

best epoxy grout

For this, we bring you this extensive article to help you out. After researching, surveying, and testing over 166+ products, our experts of 10 years plus experience have confirmed the top ten epoxy grouts that are going to change your lives.

Swiping through this page, you can have all the insights needed for choosing the ideal epoxy grout for your home. Shall we proceed?


In What Ways Epoxy Grouts Are Used and What are Their Best Practices?

Epoxy grouts are an all-time favorite. Those who have used it once knew its specialty and virtues. From making your tiles durable to resisting high chemical impurities, it’s too hard to find the match for epoxy grout.

If you are still confused, here’s the guide to help you see in what ways epoxy grouts are used and what are their best practices that you should follow to get a pleasurable outcome.

  • Shower Floor: Epoxy grouts are meant to tile the shower floor. If you haven’t used them on the shower floor, you have yet to see their mystery. Even after drizzling in water and dampness, epoxy never loses its power. Surprisingly, it remains there for centuries
  • Marble Tile: Epoxy-based grout is the best choice for smooth, polished marble tiles. Though a lot of people complain that it diminishes the glow of the tiles, the actual scenario is a bit different. Rather, unsanded epoxy grouts help it keep clean and easy to maintain at any hour.
  • Porcelain Tile: They can be a great addition to your porcelain tiles. They are excessively flexible and do not discolor easily. So, we don’t think there is any reason that would stop your porcelain tiles from having this.
  • Hot Tubs: There can’t be any grout that is beau idéal than epoxy grouts. This has been the ultimate option for decades for tiling spas and pools. Hails to its long durability and chemical-resistant powers!
  • Swimming Pool Tiles: No new news, right? For any watery tiles, epoxy grout is what we crave. Along with the water-resistant abilities, it also has the revolutionary potential to tolerate chemicals like chlorine. And luckily, your tiles are saved.

So, homeowners, fasten your belts as we announce the most pre-eminent and the leading epoxy grouts of the world. Let’s swoosh through them.

1. SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Epoxy Grout – Best Bond Epoxy Grout

spectralock pro premium grout

Presenting the greatest turner of the market – SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Epoxy Grout. Being a product of a vogue brand, it enjoys its elite status as the best bond epoxy grout. And we can’t agree more with this.

SpectraLOCK gives you the best of both worlds: ask about the quality or quantity it has all for you. It does its job best than any other epoxy grouts out there. And for this reason, it has obtained the highest ranking on the list

If you are tensed about the color uniformity, then let us tell you, honey, it has all been fixed. Yes, you’ll get the color that you want. Just follow the directions correctly and you can get more than what you wanted.

Looks great! But how long will it have this glaze and performance? A lifetime. No we are not kidding. It will remain in the place until your grandchildren grew old.

Oh, another thing. It is also water-resistant. How much water you put on it doesn’t matter. Until you have SpectraLOCKs in your pocket your shower floors are safest.

And the best part? It is immensely easy to use. By splitting the units into manageable parts you can easily grout whatever tiles you like. Believe us, you’ll not find such epoxy grout even greasing your elbows.

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What We  Liked
  • Color uniformity
  • Durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Enhanced performance

What Need Improvement
  • Dries quickly
  • Not good for horizontal surfaces

2. SpectraLOCK 1 Bright White Grout – Best Waterproof Epoxy Grout

spectralock 1

The brand is so top-notch we can’t resist having another product from them. Though they are manufactured by the same SpectraLOCK, both have day and night differences between them. As the brand needs no further intro, let’s check out the specs.

The notable difference between them is the mixing procedure. The new SpectraLOCK Bright White Epoxy Grout is pre-mixed. So, you don’t have to worry about how many cups and how much water you need.

But the emphasizing fact is, that they also outperform all the traditional and pre-mixed grouts in the markets by means of their high-quality performance. Providing ten times more than the standard grouts, it is the strongest and the best waterproof epoxy grout in the whole industry.

With a hassle-free installation, this grout even protects our tiles from cracks and splits. The magic formula of epoxy has made this reality. Hands down!

More than that, this product also has the superhuman (sorry super-epoxy, we think!) ability to eliminate any discoloration or blotches. And stain? Luckily it’s stain-proof. That’s is also mended.

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What We  Liked
  • Stronger
  • More Durable
  • Pre-mixed
  • Easy to install and clean

What Need Improvement
  • Stiffer
  • Rapid drying out

3. SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Commercial Parts Epoxy Grout – Best Epoxy Grout for Shower Floor

spectralock pro premium commercial

Is anyone surprised by seeing another product from SpectraLOCK? We know, none of you. We are already so sure about the coolness of the brand that it needs no second thought.

But, still, before rolling with punches we should check out this specific epoxy grout too. How about looking further into it.

Being a record braking and holding a  5-star rating, this patented epoxy grout is a timeless jewel for the customers. Also known as the best epoxy grout for the shower floor it has gripped more than half of the market in its hand.

With the looks to kill, this epoxy grout from the SpectraLOCK will remodel your bathroom and the shower floor with the new fashion. Truth to be told, if you want efficient working with the perfect design this should be the one for you.

Oh, yes, of course, it is also durable. To list its qualities – it is stain proof, waterproof, and crack-resistant. We can’t think of any facets that this grout failed to serve. Hoarding such pennies (actually dollars!) into the bathroom seems feasible now, right?

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What We  Liked
  • No discoloration
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Stain and crack resistant

What Need Improvement
  • Expensive
  • Needs manpower to do the job

4. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pre-mixed Epoxy Grout – Best Epoxy Grout for Marble Tiles

laticrete pre mixed epoxy grout

And here comes another epoxy grout from the same manufacturer. It seems they rule this kingdom right? Hell, yes! They are the no. 1 but let’s see how the product performs so great in the grossing list.

To begin with, this grout is also well-prepared so that you don’t have to mix it with sands to make it durable with enhanced performance. Fortunately, their pre-mixed formulae have got it all covered.

Apart from that, the quintessential mixture of the resin and the grout make this the best epoxy grout for marble tiles. Wait! Doesn’t it reduce the shininess of the marbles? No dear, we bet not. And that’s the secret.

This does not obviously make this less water-proof than any other. Instead, we must agree, that this one has one of the epic water-resistive qualities to make you crazy about it.

And according to durability, it is out-of-the-world. Literally! Even the crack-proof feature of the grout adds layers to its longevity. And with this, Laticrete SpectraLOCK introduces new reasons to tempt us.

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What We  Liked
  • Robust
  • Pre-mixed
  • Durable
  • Ideal for marble tiles

What Need Improvement
  • Dries very quickly
  • Not suitable for horizontal areas

5. Starlike Finishes Epoxy Grout Additive – Best Epoxy Grout Brand

starlike finishes epoxy grout

Ever thought about how it feels to have an Aladin’s lamp? Well, if not, this epoxy grout will give you this feeling. Get ready to have your three wishes regarding epoxy grout and read through the following section. All your wishes will be granted!

Buddy, we are not exaggerating. We are telling you the TRUTH. You‘ll find out soon.

One of the starting features of this is its below-average price tag. Being the best epoxy grout brand out there, they are way too affordable for the common crowd. Big applause for them.

As a matter of fact, they also come in so many varieties of sizes that make the whole tilling process a lot easier. It comes from 1 to 5 kg giving you the chance to choose wisely according to your needs. And thus you saved from a great deal of wastage.

This grout is not only suitable for marble, porcelain, and ceramic it also comes with several color variations like glitter, golden, and silver to spice things up. No wonder it makes your whole floor more gorgeous than you might think.

And the cherry on the top is its easy application procedure. Huge gallons of cement and grouting aren’t required when you are using Starlike Additive Epoxy Grout. You got what you want at the minimum requirement.

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What We  Liked
  • Thrifty
  • Attractively colored
  • Available in various sizes
  • Easy installation

What Need Improvement
  • Not suitable for terracotta floors
  • Don’t use it on exterior floors

6. Starlike EVO Classic Collection – Best Epoxy Grout for Mosaic

starlike evo epoxy grout

In the sixth position, we have another product from the multinational brand Starlike. Let’s welcome this beauty – Starlike EVO Classic Collection. Being a little different from the last product it has a whole new qualification.

The best part of this grout is its acid-resistant quality. Well, not to mention, this also has the incredible power to fit in between the joints of 1mm to 15mm in width. An exception in this case, huh?

Now, if it’s your first time using Starlike EVO, then you are more than just welcome. It is the easiest to apply and clean, especially in mosaics. Thus, it has also earned the trademark as the best epoxy grout for mosaic.

Tensed about color leakage? Why! Don’t we tell you Starlike not only prevents pigment leaking but is also enhanced with various color effects to refurbish your home? Don’t be shocked; this is the truth. No way to underestimate them, dear.

Moreover, it’s no less than the previous product in terms of versatility, Th epoxy grout is also suitable for a range of floor types from ceramic to glass bricks. Choosing it can NEVER be a regret. 

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What We  Liked
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for joints of 1mm to 15mm.
  • Stable
  • Protect against pigment leakage

What Need Improvement
  • Following total installation procedures
  • Color effects are not suitable for exterior floors

7. Aqua Mix Grout Sealer Protection – Best Epoxy Grout for Porcelain Tiles

aqua mix grout

Moving on to the 7th wonder of our list, the one, and only Aqua Mix Grout Sealer Protection. Speculating it any less than others is sheer folly. How about bursting your bubble of misunderstanding.

If any grout is the cheapest, then this is it. Yup. this is the most affordable epoxy grout that is ever manufactured in history.

However, this hasn’t made the product any less qualified for this. Combined with special ingredients, the secret of this grout actually remains a secret. But what is revealed in the broad daylight is its high durability to sustain years after years.

And yes, the advertisements are right. They are only one leading and the best epoxy grout for porcelain tiles. Applying 2 coats of grouts is all that you need for your white tiles to last long.

All in all, the product works totally best if used properly. If you follow the right steps according to the manuals, we can guarantee you, that your tiles would look way better than any of your friends.

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What We  Liked
  • Cheapest
  • Very durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to brush it

What Need Improvement
  • A good applicator needed
  • Follow the direction wisely

8. Ardex Solid Epoxy Grout  – Best Epoxy Grout for Hot tubs

ardex grout

The next item in our store is also a sensational product of its own. Unlike its predecessors, it has some unique and innovative qualities that set it apart from the rest of the crowd.

A brand intro is a must needed to understand its product. In this case, Ardex itself is a high-performing global leader in constructive supplies. Hence, this already gave us a brief idea about the supremacy of this epoxy grout.

We have jotted down its remarkable attributes below for your ease.

One of the most appealing qualities of Ardex Solid Epoxy Grout and Adhesive is that it is totally compatible with industrial flooring works. Being the best epoxy grout for hot tubs it also didn’t fail to work in places like swimming pools and factories.

Aside from that, this grout is highly resistant to chemicals which escalates its performance in hot tubs and swimming pools a few more times than usual. In addition to this, it also has a keen eye for hygiene and tries to maintain a high standard of germ-free protection.

Some of us are always really worried and frustrated about the cure time. It is an obvious turn down. But guess what? To all our surprise Ardex brings you only 12 hours of curing time. Unbelievable!

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What We  Liked
  • Chemical resistant
  • Hygienic
  • Suitable for exterior uses
  • Less curing time

What Need Improvement
  • High price
  • Short drying period

9. Laticrete SpectraLOCK Pro Premium Mini Parts – Best Epoxy Grout  for Swimming Pool Tiles

laticrete spectralock pro premium

Another similar product from Laticrete has filled the position at number nine. Please don’t get us wrong. We aren’t biased towards this group of grouts. Epoxy grouts from Laticrete are just a magic wand to your problems and this is no less.

While discussing this, come on have a thorough discussion about the quality this product offers. To spill out the beans, one of the customers described it as “bullet-proof” for its robustness and strength. What more can be a certificate for its tremendous performance.

Following that, this epoxy grout is also water-proof. Yes, streams of water and soaps can’t even pluck their edges. Yes, we are confident about it. As a result, this proved to be the best epoxy grout for swimming pool tiles time and again while our experiments,

But what about chemicals? What about chlorine? Aren’t they gonna damage the grouting? Nope, dude! They are indeed processed by a bunch of professionals who thought about this in real life.

And the outcome is – chemical-resistant epoxy with skyscraping power to protect itself. Awfully good, isn’t it? Give a high five if you’re interested too like the rest of us.

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What We  Liked
  • Heavy-duty
  • Water-resistant
  • Chemical-protected
  • Prevents discoloration

What Need Improvement
  • Cleaning is tough
  • Part C is absent

10. SpectraLOCK PRO Full Unit – Best Outdoor Strain Resistant Epoxy Grout

spectralock pro full unit

With another SpectraLOCK product, we’ve reached the ending point of our product evaluation segment. If you’re still with us then take a look at the brilliant features that this epoxy grout gonna give you.

Having acquired the honor of becoming the best outdoor stain-resistant epoxy grout simultaneously, SpectraLOCK PRO Full Unit has never stumbled from its mission. Their impressive track record has attracted DIYers and professionals in all fields.

Most importantly, this epoxy grout ensures the most reliable performance. Saving your tiles from water, chemical, and even microbes it never really gets tried to show its charisma. Worth the deal!

Additionally, it has a stirring color uniformity feature. This enables your floors to keep their lacquer and color like the very first days. And see, in the meantime, your mission is accomplished.

And lastly, SpectrLOCK has forever given us a lot more options than we ever hoped for. And this epoxy grout is the blaring proof of this. Being available in 40 colors and sizes they control the market. Besides they also have a collection of types of grouts specialized for particular floors.

As a beginner-friendly product, this epoxy grout would surely excite the newbies out there. If you are one, we highly recommend this to you champ.

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What We  Liked
  • Reliable and efficient
  • Strain-resistant
  • Variations available
  • Beginner-friendly

What Need Improvement
  • Bit pricey
  • Be careful using it

Why You Should Choose Epoxy Grout? 5 Surprising Reasons!

Epoxy grout is the most hyped and trendy grout on the homeowner’s list. If you are one of them, we won’t blame you. To be honest, its fame is logical and worthy of checking out. So, are you too questioning why you should choose epoxy grout? Honey, here’s your call.

Take a glimpse below to know 5 shocking reasons for choosing these fine materials.

Reason 1- Color Combination:

Are you chromatophilic like us? Or just an aesthete planning to decorate your home meticulously? Then we must say, epoxy grout has room for you too.

Available in various colors, this helps homeowners mix and match and come up with an elegant color combination for the tiles of their house. Hence, get ready to say goodbye to dull, old, grey grouts. Stay trendy and colorful with new epoxy grouts.

Reason 2- Highly Impenetrable:

Rings a bell? Yes, you heard it before. Epoxy grout is very popular for this feature. In simple words, its composition is so strong that no fluids like liquid (and even air!) can pass through it. No wonder epoxy grouts are resistant to all strains for this.

Also, this feature enables it to be your friend on the dampest and wet floors. Suitable for bathrooms, and swimming pools in the crowd of other places, you can rest tension-free for the rest of your lives once applied.

Reason 3- No Sealer Required:

One of the biggest spanners in work was the problem with seals that consumers often felt. And guess who worked through this gaping. The one and only epoxy grout.

And here, the trump card for the epoxy grout is they solidify faster than eyes flick. Yes, we were joking. But, it indeed hardens quicker than any other grout ever. This leaves you with no extra web surfing about sealing.

Reason 4- Damage Proof:

By calling it damage proof, we are actually understating. In reality, it is BOMB PROOF. It is mapped out with some other-worldly, perfect mixture of constituents that makes it flexible, all-purposed, and, most importantly, robust.

Having a reputation for being the strongest in the industry, it will protect your tiles even in massive cracks and crumbs. And this makes it super suitable for outdoor tiles and some interiors, such as hallways.

We know it seems over-exaggeration. But, dear, it is what it is.

Reason 5- Say No to Discolor:

We know it’s disturbing when your tiles change color within a week. What’s the point of refurbishing them if they don’t stay for a bit? However, epoxy grout will give you peace of mind in this case.

May it is a shampoo from your bathroom or food coloring from your kitchen, nothing can ruin the everlasting color of these grouts. And that’s also one of the many reasons you’ll find them in these places so often.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is epoxy grout used for?

Epoxy grouts are the first priority of users seeking long-lasting, strain-proof, and water-resistant grouts for their tiles. They ensure no cracks or discoloring of the tiles retaining your home’s beauty.

Is epoxy grout good for showers?

Undoubtedly, yes. Not only good, but epoxy grouts are also the supreme op choice for the showers. These grouts will permanently save your shower floor from damage caused by water and strain.

How long does it take for epoxy grout dry?

Typically, 24 hours is an excellent deal for drying epoxy grout. Unlike other grouts, epoxy dries faster and maintains its tiling for a more extended period.

How long will epoxy grout last?

Even the shower tiles have the record to last for more than 10 to 16 years. Besides that, good maintenance is also essential to achieving longevity. Therefore, epoxy grouts will do the rest as long as you know what to do.

Wrapping Up

Hats off, buddy, for keeping up this long with us. Cheers for your patience. And also for a sneak peek of the knowledge you gain.

Now choosing the best epoxy grout will be a piece of cake for you. You can unhesitantly try out one of the products from our list to save you from extra trouble.

And don’t forget to recommend the latest products you met today to your friends and family. Rooting for your success! Have a great day! Adieu!