How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes In 2024-2025?

Mosquitos are no racist! They don’t spare anyone to bites! As a result, redness and itchiness on the skin, irritation, and burning also add in the list. But bitting is not the only problem.

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquito bites include diseases like malaria, dengue, filaria, and latest Zika. Especially on the season, these diseases outbreaks on the rise. Commonly people use coils, liquid vapouriser that can prevent Mosquitos from coming inside the house. These are made of harmful chemicals and can cause permanent damage to your organs. Using coil, an aerosol of liquid vapourises are incredibly toxic. So, how to get rid of Mosquitos, read on to know about more. 


How To Get Rid of Mosquitos 2023 Naturally

You can get rid of these annoying insects just ingredients by following some natural remains. You can try these remedies using common in your kitchen. Try these grandma’s methods to save your family and yourself from mosquito bites.

Lemon & Cloves

Lemon is a common fruit found in a kitchen around to glob. This is enriched with vitamin C and help use fights against different types of diseases. However, you can also prevent mosquitoes and flies coming inside the house.

All you need to cut a lemon (big or small) in half and insert some clove in it. Now leave the lemon halves corner of a room and see the magic. Each mid-size room needs one lemon. Change the lemon every 2-4 days depending on the seasons.

Neam & Lavender oil

Neam is a high anti-bacterial element so far. It’s also anti-fungal and antiviral. Opposed to chemical mosquito repellent cream or lotion you can use the herbal oil onto the skin. Take few drops of neem oil and combine it with lavender oil or essence. Then apply directly on to your open skin.

Basil plant

Basil pants always found in the courtyard in many Asia countries, especially in India. Indian people reverence it has a god. However, basil has numerous effects on virus or bacteria. Drinking basil tea or eat directly during flow is a common thing in Asia or other continents.

However, keep a basil plant inside your house like near the window or balcony to keep the mosquitoes and other insects away. This odor may be liked by the human, but insects can’t stand at all. So add some more supply of oxygen with natural mosquito guard.

Coffee Ground

One of the simple ingredients that you could find any kitchen is coffee ground. Beside energizing from day to night, coffee is a practical solution to get rid of mosquitoes.

Just purr some coffee powder in any stagnant water around your house. It will destroy the mosquito eggs and control their growth.

Garlic Cloves

Fresh garlic cloves will help you on mosquito control. All you need to boil the crushed garlic into 2 cup water. Then cool it down and pour into a spray bottle. Before the sunset spray the liquid around the room especially corner or under the furniture. If you stand the garlic smell inside your house, you will rewarded by its effect.


Mosquitoes don’t like the smell of alcohol. If there is no other thing around you other than liquor, pure glass of beer or wine and keep it inside the room as mosquito repeal.

This will keep your skin hydrated and fragrant for a long time. Also would keep the mosquitoes away.

How to Keep The Mosquitos Away Permanently

Earlier we just talked about some quick yet effective methods to control mosquito bites. These are nothing but a temporary solution that you can apply at home, office or when you are in a picnic or camping. You need to take some steps to make it permanent. So, here are some steps you could follow to keep the mosquitoes away permanently.

Mosquitoes lay an egg on stagnant water. Not necessarily it could be the blocked drain, garbage or an old ponds. Toys left out the yard, plates under the plant pots could be the cause of stagnant water. Even the small bottle cap could be the breeding spot for mosquitoes or other insects.

So, keep these things away from your yard/house. Don’t let water store more than two days. Keep the buckets, kiddie pools empty after using them. Use filter and chlorine in your swimming pool, artificial fountains.

Dress fully

If it’s not that hot dress entirely from the afternoon especially keep the children cover as much as possible. Weare loose lightweight dress hides your arms, legs, and necks. Skeeters love to sweat. At least include your feet to be safe from mosquito bites.

Grow Natural Repellents in Your Garden

Some plants work as powerful natural repellents. Citronella, Floss Flower, Peppermint, lemon balm, etc. has a scent that mosquitoes and many harmful chemicals don’t like to smell.

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Especially if you have a party in the yard, you can break some leaves, flower or branches and decorate in flower vase. Keeping these natural repellents around the sitting will help a lot to save the guest from mosquito bites.

Close The Door and Windows Before Sunset

The entering time of mosquitoes in most cases before half an hour of the evening to one hour after sunset. Keep the windows and door shut during this time. Especially if you leave in metro cities.

Set the inferred insect Repellent

This is a useful option if you don’t want to light up coils. Advance informed insect repellent devices keeps the mosquitoes and other insects away. You can use electric bats as well to control them by killing.

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Final Thoughts

So if you are looking for sure-shots ways to stop mosquito attacks then follow one of two method mention above. These will help to save yourself from mosquito attacks every night even days in some cases. But always remember precision is better than cure. So, try to clean the yeard surroundings of your house clean. Don’t let store water in plant pots, broken buckets or anything. Destroy the mosquitoes nest so they can produce descendant anymore.

Now you know how to get rid of mosquitoes so be aware, be safe and healthy always.