Best Dump Trailer 2024-2025 – Buyer’s Guide

No matter if it’s gardening, landscaping, constructional works or simple lawn property maintenance, you get to move things from places to places. And as long as you’re not willing to do it by hand, we’ve got an excellent solution here.

Yeah, you guessed it right, we’re talking about dumping trailers or dumping carts.

To be honest, the market for dump trailers is quite a saturated one. There are small ones that can be towed to mowers, and there are bigger ones that would require ATV/UTV to run.

Best Dump Trailer

Either way, we’ve done a fair share of research to figure out 10 best dump trailers in the market, and explained their goods and bads in this extensive review.

For a few minutes to check out? Let’s start with a quick comparison-


Best Dump Trailer 2023 – Comparison Table

We’ve reviewed best dump trailer for the market 2023. Explore world’s top rated dump trailers with us.

  • Body: Steel mesh.
  • Capacity: 1200 pounds.
  • Volume: Cubic feet.
  • Features: Steel mesh body, with 13” tire and patented dump deposition.
  • Benefits: Perfect for hobbyist gardeners.
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  • Body: Polyethylene. / Steel
  • Capacity: 1500 lbs.
  • Volume: Cubic Feet
  • Features: 15 cubic Ft space, pneumatic tires, quick release.
  • Benefits: Hancing heavy cargo within quick timespan would be easy.
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  • Body: Polyethylene.
  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Volume: Cubic feet.
  • Features: 10 cubic feet space, one-piece built.
  • Benefits: Perfect for small transportation.
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  • Body: Polyethylene.
  • Capacity: 1500 lbs.
  • Volume: Cubic feet.
  • Features: 22 cubic feet space with high impact body.
  • Benefits: Best as a small-sized, but enduring trailer.
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  • Body: Polyethylene.
  • Capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Volume: Cubic feet.
  • Features: Pneumatic tires and a mower-friendly design.
  • Benefits: Perfect for gardening chores along with a mower.
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  • Body: Polyethylene.
  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Volume: 10 cubic feet.
  • Features: Ribbed tires with one-piece body.
  • Benefits: Wide opening, and easy to use.
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  • Body: Steel.
  • Capacity: 1200 lbs.
  • Volume: 17 cubic feet.
  • Features: Raised frame around.
  • Benefits: Perfect for transporting heavy cargo.
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  • Body: Polyethylene.
  • Capacity: 1200 lbs.
  • Volume: 15 cubic feet.
  • Features: 8.5” wide tire.
  • Benefits: Perfect for off-road run.
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  • Body: Polyethylene / Steel.
  • Capacity: 900 lbs.
  • Volume: 13 cubic feet.
  • Features: Flat opening with steel frame.
  • Benefits: Durable, perfect for landscaping.
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  • Body: Steel.
  • Capacity: 1800 lbs.
  • Volume: 36 cubic feet.
  • Features: Big-sized, heavy duty.
  • Benefits: Best for industrial purposes.
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Polar Trailer 8262 HD 1500 Utility Cart

Polar Trailer 8262 HD 1500 Utility Cart

The winner pick of our list of the best dump trailers is the Polar Trailer 8262 HD. Before you judge it’s capability by the small appearance that it comes with, let us give you a heads up.
This four wheeler dump trailer has a massive capacity of 1500 pounds. On top of that, it sports a highly built structure and a quick release mechanism. For any kind of construction, industrial, and gardening chores, this trailer will be the right suit for you.

For Further Clarification, Here Go The Details-

  • Able to Embrace A Huger Cargo

This Polar Trailer 8262 HD has 22 cubic feet in it. So, no matter if it’s a heavy cargo or small one, you can fit them inside it on a bulk basis. The weight capacity is 1500 pounds, which is one of the highest among all of the other trailers.

  • Steel Frame with Polyethylene Body

The primary part of this dump trailer is made of one-piece polyethylene, backed up by an all-steel frame. To protect it further from water or oil, there is a powder coat finish on top of the steel part of the body.

  • Quick Release Latch with Extra Clearance

To unload the cargo while you’ve reached the dumping point, there is a quick release latch provided in the design. On top of that, if you want to fit some big-sized load into it, you can clear up more room for it by adjusting the pass-through axle.

  • Four Wheeler Trailer for Smooth Movement

Another of its standout features is the four wheels, where itchy of the tires are 18 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches in width. Such a structure is quite friendly for off-road moving while it’s attached to an ATV or UTV or even lawn mower.

What We Liked
  • 22 cubic feet space with 1500 lbs capacity.
  • 4 wheels of 8.5” width each.
  • High-impact polyethylene structure.
  • Comes with off-road bearings.
  • Quick release latch provided.
What Need Improvement
  • The weight of 212 pounds might be quite high.
Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart

As the runners up pick of the list, we have selected a dump trailer/cart with steel-meshed body all the way. It’s called the Gorilla Carts GORMP-12 Steel Dump Cart and it has a handful of features that stand it out altogether.
The cargo capacity of this trailer is 1200 pounds, which is a good value for non-professional dump deposition works. In case you’re a hobbyist gardener or lawn owner, this might be your next favorite dump trailer.

Here Goes The Core Feature List-

  • High Quality Steel Mesh Frame

Instead of a solid steel frame, this dump cart uses highly endurable steel mesh for it’s walls. And that’s a smart move. The overall frame is grey coated to give it a protection and finish.

Considering solid metal sheets, meshed steel beds and sidewalls are way more durable and protective against pressure. On top of that, you can always have a look into what’s inside.

  • 13 Inches Tires for Any Surface

The Tires of this trailer are 13 inches in diameter, which is good enough to travel through even rough terrain. Also, if you want to tow it to your ATV and drag it on off road, this will be of no issue to this trailer.

In case you need to inflate or repair flat tires, this also becomes easy with the 13” sized tires.

  • Patented, Quick Release Dump Feature

As you’re going to release the dump with this trailer, it’s made easy with the patented, quick release dumping system.

Throughout this design, unloading the cargo will be an easy and convenient way. No need to sweat yourself all the way like you have to do in other trailers.

What We Liked
  • 1200 pound load capacity.
  • Durable steel mesh design.
  • Patented dump deposition tech.
  • 13” diameter of the tires.
  • Ready to travel off road and terrains.
What Need Improvement
  • A concave shape would be more effective.
MotoAlliance Impact Utility Cart and Cargo Trailer

MotoAlliance Impact Utility Cart and Cargo Trailer

Having a heavy load capacity along with a tough built quality is a pretty rare combo in the world of dump and garden trailers. But we got lucky as we met the infamous MotoAlliance Impact Utility Cart and Cargo Trailer.
It’s a two-tire trailer that attaches to ATV or UTV and gives a promising service when it comes to transporting and unloading your gardening cargo.

We’ve listed the specs and core features for further clarification-

  • 1500 Pound Load Capacity

It’s quite impressive that MotoAlliance had managed to design this trailer to be capable of carrying a load as heavy as 1500 pounds. But whatever their secret is, it’s surely going to benefit you to dump off the waste material and soil.

The volume of the insider area of this trailer is 15 cubic feet, which is quite spacious we would say.

  • Quick Release Mechanism

As per the priority of the users goes, this trailer sports a handy tech of quick releasing the load using the latch and the tilt trailer bed. Because of this, you don’t have to push the trailer all the way down or use some tools like spades, levers etc.

On top of that, the backside is kept empty, which is another perk as long as the quick releasing of the cargo is concerned.

  • Available in Both Poly and Steel

The one that we’ve selected here, has a tub that’s made of high quality poly material. This is the best option as you are looking for toughness and durability.

However, in case you’re looking for more premium build quality, there is another version of this trailer that has the tub made out of steel. Both are quite close to the price.

What We Liked
  • 1500 pounds of load capacity.
  • Highly endurable steel+mesh combo.
  • The tub is available in both poly and steel.
  • 12 inches of clearance from the ground.
  • Quick and smart releasing mechanism.
What Need Improvement
  • Two tires might get harsh on bumpy roads.
Polar Trailer 8233 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart

Polar Trailer 8233 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart

At this point in this discussion of best dump trailers, we’ve got another model from the inventory of Polar Trailer. This time, it’s a 1500 lbs capacity trailer with tough built quality and other essential features that we will explain below.
By the way, the trailer is named as Polar Trailer 8233 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart. It’s a wide-opening trailer which has a unique, curved design that makes it easy to load and position the cargo.

However, Let’s have a look at the core specs-

  • 1500 Lbs Capacity with Ultra-spacious Design

The first and foremost selling point of this cart is- the combination of a massive capacity of 1500 pounds of weight, along with a spacious design og 22 cubic feet.

For the record, it’s hard to find as spacious a trailer like this one even among many 1500 lbs capacity of trailers. Therefore, if you have to deal with an insane amount of dirt/soil, this would be the best bet for you.

  • High Impact Polyethylene Body

As you can see, this trailer is not made of metal unlike previous picks of this listing. But the non-metallic body comes at it’s best as it’s made of Polyethylene- one of the highest rated plastics in terms of toughness and durability.

On top of that, being a non-metallic trailer makes it very light in weight. The overall weight is just 127 pounds.

  • Extra Clearance with Quick Release Latch

This couple of features adds to the aforementioned perks of this trailer. The first one is the extra clearance that you can avail by passing through the axle. In case your cargo is big in size, it’s going to be in help.

Secondly, it’s the quick release tipper latch mechanism, which makes unloading the cargo faster without damaging the trailer body itself.

What We Liked
  • 1500 lbs capacity with 22 cubic ft space.
  • Made of tough polyethylene.
  • 18 inches large tire diameter.
  • Wide tires are perfect for off road trips.
  • Quick release tipper latch.
  • Comes with an extra clearance space.
What Need Improvement
  • For some cargo, the walls might come shorter than needed.
Agri Fab Poly Tow Behind Dump Cart

Agri Fab Poly Tow Behind Dump Cart

With the Agri-Fab Poly Tow Behind Dump Cart, we’ve entered into the smaller zone of dump trailers in this list. As you know, not always you need to deal with a thousand-pound load or so. Sometimes, it’s just small transport and material shifting, and that’s when you’ll need the Agri-Fab Poly Tow Behind Dump Cart

The features that stand it out, are stated below-

  • 800 Lbs of Load Capacity

If it’s about not-so-heavy, small to mid-volume of cargo that you have to transport, the 800 pound capacity of this trailer just comes right.

The insider space is 17 cubic feet, thanks to the concave-shaped, high walls around the bed of this trailer.

  • Wide Tires with Pneumatic Features

Each of the two tires that you’d find in this trailer is 16 inches in dia, and 6.5 inches in width. For a small trailer like this, we’d say the tire size is way more than when you’d usually need.

Hence, it would be handy when you’re dragging the cargo through the off-road. The grease-fitting wheels are quite easy to maintain as well.

  • Quick Attachment to Mower

You won’t need any ATV or UTV to run this trailer with. For a small trailer like this, that’s an overkill as well.

However, it can be towed with riding lawn mowers via the hitch pin that comes with it. It’s easy and convenient to set these two up as well. Check out a good lawn mower.

What We Liked
  • 800 lbs capacity with 17 cubic feet space.
  • Low maintenance, 16” diameter of tires.
  • The dump pedal is foot-activated.
  • Can be attached to riding mowers.
  • Perfect for off-shore gardening chores.
What Need Improvement
  • No special dump release tech is found.
Craftsman CMXGZBF7124489

Craftsman CMXGZBF7124489

As the next pick of our small sized dump trailer, we’re presenting the CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF7124489 Poly Dump Cart. It’s a trailer with 350 lbs capacity, 10 cubic feet of space and some other essential features that we’d talk about below-

  • Small but Effective

By now, you know that this trailer can move the maximum load of 350 pounds within the 10 cubic feet of space it has in it. In case it’s a mammoth project that you’re dealing with, that’s not the cup of tea for this trailer.

But for small, day to day transportation within your garden or lawn area, the CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF7124489 Poly Dump Cart is just the perfect pick.

  • Pneumatic Tire with Swift Rolling

The tire diameter for both of them is 14 inches, which is a good match with the overall size of the trailer. But what we’ve noticed about this tire set is, they are very swift to roll over plain and off-road surfaces.

Call it the not-so-thick width or something else, this trailer is very easy to run even by hands. In case you have a mower to attach to it, that would be more doable of a task.

  • A One-piece Construction

The craftsman takes pride in their product built quality, and this trailer is no exception. The one-piece poly dump cart is a rigid, tough, and hardly breakable one we’d say.

What We Liked
  • 350 lbs of load capacity.
  • 10 cubic feet of inner space.
  • Off-road friendly tire design with 14” dia.
  • One-piece poly body design.
What Need Improvement
  • Takes quite some time in setup.
  • Load for heavy cargo or soil.
Strongway Steel ATV Trailer

Strongway Steel ATV Trailer

After a couple of small trailers, we’re entering into the bigger group with the Strongway Steel ATV Trailer. Like the name sounds, it’s a tow-behind trailer that is attached with an ATV and helps transport goods as much as 1200 pounds.

Here goes the specs and core features of this dump trailer-

  • A Heavy Duty Dump Transport

With the 1200 pounds of the weight limit and 17 cubic feet of volume inside, this trailer can easily be associated in industrial, agricultural and other chores where dump dismissal is required.

  • Raised Walls with Removable Tailgate

On three sides of the body, you’d notice raised frames made of metal, providing it a total height of 60 inches from the ground. On the other hand, the backside had been kept rail-free for the sake of quick dismissal.

  • A Protective Powder Coat

Around the body of this trailer, there is a UV-proof, and rust-resistant powder. This will, eventually, protect the metal body from catching rust or such issues.

  • Foot Pedal Extraction Mechanism

While you’re on the spot of dumping, there is the foot-pedal that you can use to dispose of the garbage, all at once. And that can be done even when it’s hitched.

What We Liked
  • 1200 lbs capacity with 17 cubic feet space inside.
  • Raised railing to give it a height of 60 inches.
  • Foot-pedal disposal system.
  • Strong steel frame with powder coated protection.
What Need Improvement
  • The tires are smaller compared to the size of the trailer.
Polar Trailer 8232 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart

Polar Trailer 8232 Heavy Duty Utility and Hauling Cart

You have already seen a few versions of our product of the moment- the Polar Trailer 8232. It’s a 1200 pound trailer that comes with 15 cubic feet of space in it. In terms of qualitative measures, it’s quite close and sometimes, identical to its sibling models from the same inventory.

  • A Mid-ranged Dump Trailer

As we said, the shape of the Polar Trailer 8232 is quite similar to other models of this series. But in terms of capacity and size, there are some differences. It can hold 1200 pounds of load on it, while the given space is 15 cubic feet.

  • High Impact Body Structure

The body of the Polar Trailer 8232 is made of tough and high-impact polyethylene. Unlike some other siblings of this, it doesn’t have a steel frame with it. But for carrying up to 1200 pounds, that won’t be needed we think.

  • Wide and Rugged Tires

There are two tires on it. And each of them is of 18 inches in diameter and 8.5 inches in terms of width. So, you can say it’s quite good as a means to travel off road.

Besides, the ground clearance is quite high, which is another plus point when you are dragging this trailer through off-road.

What We Liked
  • 1200 pounds capacity.
  • As spacious as 15 cubic feet.
  • Ergonomic design with dual tires.
  • The tires are 8.5 inches wide, each.
  • The overall weight is as light as 107 pounds.
What Need Improvement
  • Can be bumpy because of the light weight.
Polar Trailer 9542 LG10 Lawn and Garden Trailer

Polar Trailer 9542 LG10 Lawn and Garden Trailer

The Polar Trailer 9542 LG10 is the smallest member of the Polar Trailer family of dump trailers. It has a small footprint along with a couple of small tires as well.
As long as you’re not willing to go off-road and stay within your garden or lawn, this Polar Trailer 9542 LG10 can be a good companion of yours in transporting garden cargo.

  • Ready for Small Cargo Lifting

The capacity of this trailer is 900 pounds, and the space inside is 10 cubic feet. As long as the load is not something mammoth, you can easily get away with it. This kind of chores is something that landscapers, gardeners, and yard workers have to deal with quite often.

  • Enduring Structure with Quick Dumping

As other Polar Trailer models, this one is also made of polyethylene tub. On top of that, there is a steel frame(powder coated) that will enhance the capacity and durability.

What We Liked
  • 900 lbs capacity and 10 cubic feet space.
  • Polyethylene tub with steel-frame support.
  • Quick release latch with convenient shape.
  • Weighs as light as 70 pounds only.
  • Quite budget-friendly.
What Need Improvement
  • Not an off-road material at all.
Bannon 3-in-1 Convertible Logging Wagon

Bannon 3-in-1 Convertible Logging Wagon

The last pick of the list is such a model that, if we call it just a dump trailer, we’d underestimate its potential and capacity. Introducing the Bannon 3-in-1 Convertible Logging Wagon, which is a big sized trailer wagon that can carry up to 1800 pounds of cargo.
This four wheeler is, of course, larger in capacity than all of the other models. But as it’s not a convenient one for the users, we’ve kept it for the last.

  • Massive Carrying Capacity with Space

The Bannon 3-in-1 Convertible Logging Wagon has a massive load limit of 1800 pounds, where it has a space as big as 36 cubic feet in it. No matter if it’s a set of small cargo, or a few big ones, it can go well with this.

  • 8 Wheels to Make It To the Top

For the first time in the list, we’ve got the Bannon 3-in-1 Convertible Logging Wagon as an eight wheeler trailer that can withstand and distribute the load uniformly among them.

  • Rugged, Tough Body Strength

The core material is a steel frame along with a steel mesh combined. If you know about it, it’s one of the best ways to ensure and safeguard your cargo while it’s on this wagon trailer.

What We Liked
  • 1800 lbs capacity with 36 cubic feet space.
  • 8 wheels for balanced transport.
  • Steel frame body with steel mesh.
  • Comes with a zero turn steering.
  • Easy loading and unloading.
What Need Improvement
  • The tires are not off-road friendly.

Buyer’s Guide

At this point of this guide, we have a complete guide on how you would make the best out of your budget when it comes to buying a good quality dumping trailer. These points are, perhaps, the most important deciding factor about whether or not you’ll be completely content about your trailer or not.

So, let’s get us a couple of minutes to go through the entire guides and FAQs-

Types Of Dump Trailers In Terms Of Capacity

When it’s about dump trailers, there are no strict borders between them through which you can set them apart. But if we talk about that, we can divide them into a few groups in terms of load capacity-

Dump Trailers of Below 700 lbs capacity

These are the smallest kinds of dump trailers that are often used for non-professional purposes. Usually, small landscapers, gardeners and similar people make the best use of this kind of trailer.

In terms of structure, they are not the best. And they don’t seem to have more than 2 wheels in usual cases. But this little combination seems to be enough for serving the purpose.

Dump Trailers of 700-1200 lbs of capacity

These are the sweet spot between small trailers and big trailers for dump transport purposes. They are made of either polyethylene or steel metal mesh. Sometimes, the poly tub comes with a steel frame on it as well.

Most of the time, the tires are wider and longer(in terms of diameter) thaan the first kind. It can be either two or sometimes three wheelers as well.

Dump Trailers 1200-2000 lbs of capacity

The biggest kind of dump trailers are those who have a capacity within 1200 to 2000 pounds. These are usually very tough-built with a spacious insider space with it. Mostly, we have seen either polyethylene or metal plates to form the bodies of these trailers.

In terms of wheels, it starts from three wheelers, and on the higher end, we can see up to eight wheelers as well. To make them friendly for off-road transport, the wheels are made to be wide. Also, the ground clearance is quite high in the case of these dump trailers.

Buyer’s Guide

At this point of this guide, we have a complete guide on how you would make the best out of your budget when it comes to buying a good quality dumping trailer. These points are, perhaps, the most important deciding factor about whether or not you’ll be completely content about your trailer or not. 

So, let’s get us a couple of minutes to go through the entire buyers guide- 

The Size and Capacity

As we have already mentioned in the earlier section of this article, size and capacity happen to be two of the most important deciding factors. From what we know, that are three sports of size variations- 

  1. Below 700 lbs of capacity. 
  2. 700-1200 lbs of capacity. 
  3. 1200-2000 lbs of capacity. 

Now, each of these ranges has some dump trailers in their domain that matches the measurement of the weight capacity. And the same goes for the volume of the trailer. 

The Wheel Factors

The next important thing about dump trailers is the wheels. By that, we’re particularly addressing these facts about the wheel- 

  1. The number of wheels. 
  2. The diameter. 
  3. The width of the wheel. 
  4. The off-road compatibility of the wheel. 

That being said, if you are looking for carrying heavy cargo(1500 lbs+) on the trailer, you should go for a three or four wheeler trailer that distributes the weight uniformly. For lighted loads, two wheelers are fone. 

Also, go for wide and large trailers if your trailer has to travel off road. If it’s going to be around the garden or lawn area only, that won’t be a necessity. 

Sturdiness and Durability

These two are another of the important factors as long as you want your trailer to last long. 

Tio make that sure, go for either a metal body trailer or one which is made of metal mesh. Either way, ensure to stick to the walls of the tub when you’re moving the cargo inside.

Wrapping Up

Thanks for being till the very end of this article. We have taken each of the 10 best dump trailers in the market, and explained their pros and cons in depth. If you are really sincere to get a good quality trailer for your dump deposition, we hope this discussion will give you a hand in this regard.

Good luck!