What Does Male Mosquito Eat in 2024-2025?

Mosquitos food habit changes over life cycle, egg to adult stages. Mosquito eats algae from the surface of the water on the stage of Larva. Later on the adult stage, the male mosquito takes nectar from the plant. But the female mosquito needs blood for egg development.

Mainly, the element exists on the of the blood of 3 milligrams is essential for mosquitoes reproduction that a mosquito drinks. They depend on human, mammals, reptiles and amphibians blood. To know more about mosquito life span and eating habit stay with us.

What Does Male Mosquito Eat
What Does Male Mosquito Eat

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What Does Male Mosquito Eat? – Food Pyramid Of Mosquitos According To Lifespan

Mosquito undergoes four distinct of life stages like egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Each step has a particular demand for nutrition fact, atmosphere, and temperature. Now, look at the mosquito life cycle to understand what do mosquito eat in their entire life.


Mosquito lays the egg on damp environmental place and surface of water such as drain, broken flower tub, bathtub, etc. Certain species lays the egg on the surface of the water and certain species on damp wood or something like this.

They make raft surface of the water with eggs above 200. They lay the egg altogether, and the eggs remain on the water floating. So,  water plays a vital role in breeding.


After 48 hours the egg transforms into larva and come out for breathing. In this stage, their body started to develop and changes. The skin changes four times slowly and remains in the water. They take food organic or microorganisms from the water surface.

For respiration, some have a siphon tube or certain species reply on direct breathing. The last stage of the larva (molt) transform into a pupa.



This stage is non feeding and resting stage of evolution just like butterflies. This stage the mosquitos turns into an adult. The stage of pupa the mosquito moves their body and tail. They don’t take food but use the energy gained on the larva stage.

It takes around two days to complete the development. Then the skins split from pupal, and the adult mosquito comes out.


The adult mosquito does not leave the water instantly. They take the time to be more active and robust. It takes around two days to dry out the body and the wings harder to fly. Then it flies away after full development of the body. But mating and blood feeding do not happen immediately.

Moreover, the nutrition mosquitos need available in sugar which they take from the flowering plant of nectar. Only the female mosquitos seek for blood when the time of breeding. Protein and iron that contains on blood essential for reproduction.

What Mosquitos Attracts For Blood Sucking

Now we know mosquito sucks blood for their egg to develop. But there is some factor that attracts mosquitoes to take blood from the particular victim. They lured by smell, color, blood type, taste, etc. So, be careful about the factors not to be a victim of mosquitos biting.

Blood Type

Mosquitos attract by the blood type. Studies show that the people of O blood group more desirable to mosquitoes than the group of A. the group B people are in the middle of mosquitos attraction. Thinking of how so mosquito know what blood group is I without taking the blood taste?

Well, 85% of people produce secretion signals the blood type. So mosquito easily goes to the victim for blood.


The dark color attracts the mosquito most such as black, red. The mosquito has strong visual that higher on the evening. So they easily can spot you if you are wearing any dark color dress.

Carbon Dioxide

The mosquito has a strong smelling sense and attracted by carbon dioxide. Have you ever bitten while sitting in an open place? That is why because we exhale carbon and mosquito can take the smell of the gas if it around.

The mosquito does not rely only on human blood. They can be found on cow shed, nest mainly the mammalian species around.


It is quite odd that mosquito attacks the women who are pregnant that the women not. One study discovers that the mosquito of malaria-carrying prefer the pregnant because they exhale carbon more. Even the outer skin of abdomens warmer of pregnant women and mosquito-like warm body.


Mosquito also attracted by some other scent besides carbon. The body emitted ammonia, uric acid, and lactic acid through sweat. They prefer to suck blood. Even they like the warmer, sweated human body.

Some Other Factor About Mosquito

Have a glance at the quick factor to know about mosquitos.

Why does mosquito suck blood?

Female mosquito drink blood for their eggs — the proteins and other nutritious factors important for egg development.

The mosquito bite are they male or female?

Only the female mosquito bite for blood and male mosquito feed on nectar.

How much blood a do mosquito take?

Around 3 milligram blood per bite, a mosquito can take.

There are how many species in the whole world?

There are around 3500 species the entire world. Their size, lifespan depends according to their different species.

How long a mosquito live?

The female mosquito has a long life of around 42 to 56 days. Where male only ten days.

How to recognize a male and female mosquito?

Look at the mosquito antenna they use for blood sucking. The male has a feathery antennae where a female has a plain antenna with few hairs.

Do mosquito suck only human blood?

No. mosquito sucks cow, bird, snake a larger range of reptiles, mammals blood. Blood only drink by female mosquito. The male takes flower nectar, and the development stage of mosquito (larva) eats organic from the water.

Final Thought

We can hope that the confusion you had about mosquitos, would be cleared from the above information. Besides, stop mosquito breeding remove the abandon and broken watery tub.

To avoid mosquito bite wear light color full sleeve dress besides some other prevention to be protected from biting. Don’t let a mosquito bite you to maintain their breed. Some species could be dangerous to cause disease.